stagnant waterFull Definition of stagnant

  1. 1a :  not flowing in a current or stream <stagnant water>b :  stale <long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul — Bram Stoker>

      2 :  not advancing or developing <a stagnant economy>

Have you ever been in a spot in your life where you just felt yucky? Kinda like that picture? Seriously, whether it was that you weren’t feeling quite connected with your spouse, you keep butting heads with your kids, you feel like you might need a shift in your career, you aren’t happy with the way you look or feel, the way your relationships with your friends or family are going? Things just aren’t moving forward in a positive direction in any area in your life?  You’re just…stuck.  I’ve been in that situation so many times, whether it’s the nasty feeling of being stagnant or just being in a comfort zone, there’s isn’t any room for growth in your life when you’re there.  And it’s so easy to look outward rather that inward to fix it.

From my experience, that’s exactly what needs to happen.  Just as the definition states, YOUR feelings or actions of being stagnant can “make the air foul” which means you can spread that attitude to those around you.  First your immediate family and those friends closest to you and then others you encounter.  Who wants to be known as that person?  We have all been around someone like that.  The person who complains and wants to change but doesn’t, they are able to recognize all their problems and then find someone or something else to blame them on.  Hey, I’m sure at some point in our lives we’ve all even been that person.

Recently, when I was stuck in one of these spots (which always happens to me a bit in the summer when I get out of a routine!) I was feeling a bit unappreciated and disconnected with my husband and I wasn’t feeling challenged at all with my workout routine so I wasn’t seeing the results I normally do and I got down on myself. My kids did the summer thing where they ask daily what we are doing, even after we spent 10 days on an awesome vacation, so I went to the Bible to read about the virtuous woman.  (Check out Proverbs 31:10-31 if you’re interested in seeing what God has to say about a woman not being stagnant.)

And I wanted to know exactly what virtuous meant

 Full Definition of virtuous

Some words God uses to describe a wife that is worth far more than rubies:

  • she provides
  • she considers
  • she sets about vigorously
  • her arms are strong
  • she opens her arms to the poor
  • she has no fear for her household
  • she extends her hand to the needy
  • she speaks with wisdom
  • she can laugh at the days to come

That looks like it could almost be the opposite for stagnant to me.  If you’re tempted right now to blame your emotions or disappointments on someone else don’t.  Have the conversations you need to have with them, absolutely; but don’t forget to take care of yourself on the inside too.  You were made for more than feeling like yucky water.  Get a good group of people around you that can remind you of that when you need it 🙂 And when you see someone sitting in the stagnant water, get them outta there and encourage them to get to a place in their life where they can grow!

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” 

Proverbs 31:10

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