Run it

Reagan Wednesday 5k -12

“A good run can fix just about anything”  I’m not sure who said that but there’s something to it.  Our bodies weren’t created to be stagnant and running can almost instantly improve your mood and consequently, when done regularly your quality of life.  When I began to run it was simply to lose weight.  Just ask my military hubby what his response was 6 years ago when I told him several times “You don’t understand, I CAN’T run! I have asthma!”

Hubby: “Jami, you can do it, stop telling yourself you can’t.”

Me:  “No I can’t!”

And this conversation continued for months until one day I thought, “What if I can?” So I began running one telephone pole length and walking two.  That’s how you run when you live in the sticks! It took me almost 45 minutes to do 2 miles and I’m sure that when I returned from that first run I let him know how rough it was for me.  But when you mix Miss Strong Willed here with a bit of competitiveness, I’m determined I can do just about anything.  Oh and just fyi, my husband runs with ease,  and he’s fast, he can take a break from running for a month, go out for a 5 miler and still have a pace faster than my best.  Yep, he’s a rockstar at running.

Running hasn’t been easy for me but that’s what I love about it.  In the past 6 years running has given me free therapy, an all natural medication for anxiety, appreciation for God’s creation and the way he designed the body to work, a stronger marriage and some pretty amazing friendships.  I’ve completed 5K’s, 10K’s and even a half marathon.  Funny for a girl who couldn’t do it right? Yes, my love you were right 😉


I haven’t even gotten to my favorite part of running yet.  See that picture at the top of the page? Reagan….a doll of a child who entered my life a few years ago.  After Reagan was diagnosed with leukemia a group of good friends and I got together to plan a race to benefit her family. People who hadn’t ran a day in their life began running for this child’s event. Through running, this child’s life has made a difference in the lives of many. THAT is why I adore runners, go to any race and you will undoubtedly see people encouraging each other no matter how fast or slow you believe you are.  I have been to several 5Ks and have never seen the winner standing at the finish looking down at everyone else, the picture I usually see is a lightning fast runner finishing in Lord only knows how short of a time ( I assure you that person is never me!) heading over to the last turn on the course to  cheer on everyone else for maybe even an hour later.  There’s something about a group of people working towards a common goal that gives me faith that people still believe we were created to support one another.  If you’re at the point I was at 6 years ago, I encourage you just attend a race, see what it’s about.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you need someone to tell you that this is something you can do, even though you believe you can’t, I’d be happy to be that person!  After all, you were created for this 😉


Click on that link at the top of the page to read more about Reagan’s story and see more pics!

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