My entire life all I wanted to be as a “grown up” was a teacher.  I loved learning and being a part of something new excites me, so it was no surprise when I ventured  to NIU (go huskies!)  to become a teacher.  I taught first grade for one year then moved to Kindergarten for five more.  During that time I became passionate for children in need and recognized our society has a need for teachers who can support students who are learning English.  Of course, if I want to learn about something nothing can stop me, so I got my Masters degree in just that.  A year later my life completely changed.  I felt as if I was doing everything half a** for lack of a better term.  I was trying to be a perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect Christian, perfect teacher and student at the same time and it was affecting me.  It affected my stress level (hello anxiety attacks) , my health, my marriage, my relationships with my children and just about anything it could.  Fast forward to the summer of 2014, my family spent a week in Minocqua Wisconsin  at a beautiful house on the lake. As I sat sipping my coffee I decided to resign from my position at a wonderful school district to be a stay at home mom and homeschool my two children.  I had been telling my students’ parents for years that they know their own child’s learning style best and I was ready to practice what I preached.  So, here I am, grateful to be living a fun, challenging, difficult, relaxing, fulfilling, crazy busy life that I wouldn’t change for anything.

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