my “bif if”

Back when my oldest daughter was about 5, learning to sound out words and use phonetic spelling she asked me if her aunt Jen was my “bif if”.  When I asked what she meant by that she wrote it out for me.  BFF… “bif if”.  That’s exactly how it sounds right?  That’s when she was introduced to all of her little buddies  writing and saying they were eachother’s best friends forever.  And so her life of choosing friends began.

My children’s’ Aunt Jen is actually my cousin so I guess she has been my “bif if” since she was born.  Honestly as long as I can remember this lady is the closest relationship I”ll ever have to a sister.  We laugh together, cry together and now we have been blessed to raise our children together.  I adore her, I look up to her, I appreciate her…and now I’m gonna cry.  But anyway, to the point here, I asked her to be a guest on my blog AWHILE ago because she has completely changed her life as far as her health goes and I think it’s awesome. (I put awhile in caps because I”m the slacker here trying to get homeschool into a routine and not typing this up, she has had her answers to me for weeks!)

Me being the one that is typically the health fanatic was stuck in a rut, and being the anxious girl that I am I lean on her for support often, whether she is aware of it or not 😉  And then out of nowhere, she shocks me and just changes up her life and it was so cool for me to watch her get out of her comfort zone and make some huge changes, so of course I wanted to know more about it and how it made her feel because I could tell a huge difference in her confidence.  My “bif if” who never really liked the gym was LOVING working out.  This was a big deal and it motivated me big time! She’s a beautiful person inside and out, a strong, supportive wife, a hard worker, and she has 2 of the most beautiful, fun daughters you’ve ever seen, and now she’s freakin’ awesome at Crossfit and just recently, jumproping 😉 AND she isn’t a fan of burpees….but who is?


  1. What is your current exercise routine and how long have you been at it?

My current routine is Crossfit 3 times a week or sometimes 4 depending on the week.  Those classes are one hour each.  We randomly go for walks and I started working again so while I am there I don’t have much time to sit down.  I wouldn’t consider that working out but it’s better than sitting at home.

2.  Have you always been active? What made you change?

I was active when I was younger until I got to high school and I was just done with sports.  I have always wanted to stay active after that but once I start I give up.

3. What’s your average day look like?

On an average workout day I usually just relax most of the day.  Or I am either working or cleaning.  My Crossfit class is later in the day so I have all day free to do whatever I need to.

4. How has being active changed you?

Being active has made me feel better because slowly I am seeing some changes.  I feel stronger than I have in the past.  Once I start changing other things I know I will feel even better.

5. What else do you want to improve?

There are many areas I want to improve.  First I love doing Crossfit and I want to make sure I can and will continue.  I need to push myself more than I do now.  I know with changing my diet it will help me to improve a lot.  And that will make me feel better all around and will boost my confidence.

6. Why do you keep going?

I keep going because I know this is something good for me and I love it.  Also because I feel like I am being a good role model for my children.  They see me being active then they will hopefully stay active and healthy their whole lives.

7.  Advice for others out there who might feel like quitting right now?

If someone was going to quit their workout routine I would tell them to think about their decision again.  And if there was a good reason why they couldn’t continue then once they can, start again.  If you wait too long then all of your hard work will go down the drain.  If they couldn’t do it for money purposes, I would tell them to do as much as they could at home to stay in shape and active.

Can I just say what I love about her story is that yes…she is improving herself, yes….she is getting stronger, yes…she is seeing some positive changes, but she isn’t a different person.  She’s choosing to bring out the potential that’s been there all along.  When you start taking care of yourself, I don’t believe you become someone different, it’s always been there.  Jen has always been strong and determined, she’s just doing her absolute best right now to show it by taking care of her body, and I’m completely encouraged and inspired by my “bif if”. Thanks for keeping me accountable. Love you buddy!!! And thank you so much! I”m honored to share your story!!!