A couple weeks ago I had one of those weeks…ya know where everything was just terrible.  Even though in the grand scheme of the world there wasn’t one significant horrible event, I was just overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed with homeschooling with 3 little ones, I was overwhelemed that my husband worked all week then was going away for drill weekend, overwhelmed that my laundry didn’t just do itself.  I just wanted to go to an ocean beach for a day or head out on a shopping spree or heck maybe go on a date with that husband of mine.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Not realistic, but fun.  The nearest beach to me, and I’m talking ocean beach here is at least an entire day’s worth of driving, my income is a grand whopping total of $0 so a shopping spree isn’t an option and the hubby like I said was away at drill, so what’s a girl to do?

First of all, I had to put the brakes on this attitude and look at all the positives in my life.  I know everybody has rough days but COME ON Jami.  I have 3 beautiful, healthy children that I am blessed to stay home with.  I have struggled a bit with how different homeschooling looks this year because I have a moving toddler, not that little baby who snuggles me all day.  I’m dealing with a little man who wants to climb on the table, throw toothbrushes in the toilet, color on the wall and occasionally hit his sisters.  My husband has a great job and we have all we need and more.  I’m able to get to the gym a few times a week (thank God! ;)) and my kids are involved in extra curricular activities that they love.

My house on any given day during homeschool.  My daughters take turns keeping my little guy company.  This is a COMPLETE variation out of my comfort zone.  My husband and I are both major clean freaks.  Especially with his military background! We try to get it back in order before he returns home, but if you stop by between 7 and 3, you’ll see my living room like this with at least one child working at the table. I’m horribly embarrased to post this!

What amazed me during those few frustrating days wasn’t that my attitude could change the direction of my day, which is something I am very well aware of, it was the fantastic people in my life, specifically the women.  I think we are solely responsible for who and what we let into our lives and it was so cool for me to see that I have so many positive people in my life. It’s taken me 30 years to learn I need to be choosy about who I let into my life and that that’s okay!   I know I can go to them when I have a rough week and they have my back.  I realized that the key to getting through those frustrating days are building enough positive relationships that when tough times come you have someone to lean on but also who will give it to you straight.  Someone you can text and say “today being a mommy sucked”, someone who will send you a funny text, someone who will tell you to go workout, someone who will send you a picture of their laundry baskets and say “I’m there too sister”, someone who will pray with you.  Make it a priority to have those people in your life and more importantly, make it a priority to be that person for people in your life that you love.  God never intended for us to do any of this alone.  I hope you have an awesome week, but if you don’t I hope you know that it’s completely normal and that you have some people in your life who are as fantastic as the ones I have in mine 🙂 If you don’t, get to work on finding some!


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