How do you do it?

I think taking care of your health is so important.  I also think it’s a struggle for so many mamas out there.  Between the busyness, feeling guilty about taking care of yourself, and finding something that works, it can feel impossible to get into a workout routine.  But I also know that if you’re a mommy, that means you have little ones watching you very closely.  You have daughters looking to you for beauty while at the same time they are seeing supermodels on t.v., you have sons watching how you take care of yourself and whether you know it or not, when they choose a wife one day, the way you raised them will be extremely significant.

So I thought instead of my perspective, this fall I would find a few women I know that I feel are rocking it.  They are taking care of themselves and are living in a purposeful way.  Lady #1 Molly.  Molly is one of those people I couldn’t get rid of, not that ANYONE in the right mind would want to.  What I mean by that is we didn’t necessarily choose to become friends, we just kept running into each other.  Our daughters went to the same babysitter, then to the same daycare, we began attending the same church; clearly God knew we needed to become friends because He kept placing us together at random places.  7 years after meeting, we participated in a small group together, trained for a half marathon together (and completed it!) and our families have become buddies for sure.  She’s encouraging, inspiring, fun and I just love her!

So….I”ll let her take it over, meet my good friend, Molly.

1. What’s your current workout routine?

My current workout routine consists of two hours of Volleyball one time a week and one hour of CrossFit three times per week.  I just started CrossFit in the last couple of months and I’m still getting adjusted to it.  I have a feeling that as I get deeper into it, I may be practicing a lot of skills at home….can you say “Double Unders”?!

2. Why is it important to take care of your body/health?

I feel that it is so important to take care of your body.  I have always felt that way, but now that I have joined CrossFit, I believe it even more.  I feel working on your STRENGTH should be #1.  As one of my CF trainers recently said…building your muscles, in the way that CF does, prepares you for every day life.  It prepares you for those lids that you just can’t quite get off, or those heavy boxes you need to move. Strength/weight exercises are so essential and, I truly believe, are THE most important.  So many people have the misconception that to lose weight you must do cardio.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Building muscles/weight training has been proven to have WAY MORE positive effects on your body than cardio alone (check out this video –  We all need to break out of this funk…especially women…DO NOT be afraid of heavy weights!  There are NO pills, NO shakes, NO wraps, NO cream…NO magic fix to losing weight, and keeping it off.

3.How do you fit it in to your busy life?

How do I find time to squeeze in workout time with my busy schedule (husband, kids, work, practices, games, Awana, small group leader, LOTS of other ministry work, new LuLaRoe consultant, hanging out with friends/family, etc.)???  I MAKE TIME!  You HAVE to!  Your life depends on it!  Now don’t get me wrong, I was quick to find excuses myself (in the past)…I know that game!  Hypothetically, if you get 8 hours of sleep per night (and honestly, who gets that?!) there is still 112 hours left in the week.  For me…only THREE of those hours are dedicated to work out!  That means I still have 109 hours left for everything else!  We have to be honest with ourselves…do we really not have time, or are we just making excuses?   Now, I am very lucky to have a supportive, athletic, dedicated husband, who supports me and my fitness goals…and he doesn’t mind me not being home for ONE hour, THREE times a week.

4. How has taking care of your body affected your relationships/life?

Taking care of myself, has had major positive effects on my relationship with my husband and with others as well!  Because my hubby is so dedicated to fitness, my personal dedication has led to having more things in common with one another.  We can talk about the “WOD” or how our bodies are changing, or just plain encourage each other…what a great aspect to add to your marriage!  I feel more energetic, happy, motivated, encouraging, strong, etc….which also leads to positive effects when it comes to any relationship.  Extra bonus…I have met and developed relationships with so many new people through CF…also have deepened current relationships further with having a common ground.

5.What do you hope your children take from watching you live this way?

I hope my children learn the value and importance of taking care of your body.  God, our Heavenly Father, has given us these bodies to carry us through our lives…they are all very different and very unique.  We all carry weight differently, metabolize calories differently, have different strengths/weaknesses,  etc.  It is very important to keep our bodies healthy and strong, so that we can be healthy and strong for each other for a longer period of time.  To take care of our bodies, is telling God that we appreciate what He has done for us, and what He has provided for us…we don’t want to take any part of our lives for granted.  Also, I want to teach my children the value of being and staying active.  In this digital world we live in today, it’s easy to get caught up with cellphones, tablets, computers, video games and other digital devices…and what are we most likely doing while using these items?  Yep…you got it…SITTING DOWN or even LYING down!  <—trust me…I’m guilty of this myself!

6.Have you always been active? If not, what changed to make you an active person?

I would have to say that I have always been a pretty active person.  Growing up, I was always athletic and enjoyed being active.  I played soccer, volleyball, basketball and was a cheerleader when I was young.  I was in dance classes as a child and was a Streatorette (dance team) in high school.  I played softball almost my whole entire life…even for a few years as an adult.  After high school, I slowed down a bit, but started visiting the gym with my boyfriend (now husband) and to try to stay active.  The gym stayed very important to my husband (and obviously to this day), but I slacked off a few years here and there.  A few years ago, I had some tough times in my life, and decided I needed to change.  I was the heaviest I had ever been and was destined to turn my life around.  I started the C25K (couch-to-5K) program and became a….GASP…RUNNER!  (If you would have told me this is earlier in my life, I would have laughed in your face…my 3 other siblings were track stars…I was not blessed with that talent.  I actually remember being told by my dad to “unhook the trailer” as I ran to 1st base at one of my softball games).  For the next 2 years, I participated in every 5K event possible.  I had met Jami before, but was blessed to cross paths with her because of a mutual friend and this new found hobby…DING, DING, DING, this hobby/workout ALSO connected me with new and better relationships.  I also began my heavy weight lifting regimen, thanks to my husbands guidance.  I was in the absolute BEST shape of my life at age 30, and felt absolutely AMAZING!  After all of those 5K’s, naturally it was time to step up my game.  And thanks to *cough* Jami and another mutual friend, we signed up for a half marathon…which we conquered in 2014!

7.What’s your advice for a busy mama wanting to get on some type of a workout routine?

If I could give any advice to the busy moms out there, I would say you have to take care of yourselves FOR your children.  If you don’t take care of your body, then who will?  I guarantee you will feel more energetic and feel better about yourself.  You have to make the time.  I guarantee if I told you I had free backstage passes tomorrow night for you to meet Luke Bryan, you would punch a hole in that schedule and make sure to be there!  Therefore…whenever it’s time to hit the gym, just tell yourself…”Time to meet Luke Bryan!”  Besides, wouldn’t you want to look your best for that occasion?!  *Side note…I’m more of an Adam Levine gal myself…but whatever works for you!  😉

Thank you for reading my “workout story”!  My wish is that I can speak to the heart of just one busy mom out there and turn her life around.  Remember…if not for yourself (which all of us moms are guilty of)…do it for your family.  And now, let God speak to you…“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13


She’s amazing right? Her answers make me tear up. ESPECIALLY the end of #2.  Let’s do this women, let’s change what the world thinks is beautiful.  Each one of you was created uniquely to fulfill a specific purpose, appreciate your body and treat it in a way so that you can live your life to the fullest! Thank you Molly so much for sharing your story, love you lady 😉


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