Tattoos and scars

I spent some time this afternoon reading my Bible ( I bet that’s not how you expected this post to start!) because I felt like I needed some more information on a particular Bible verse….Isaiah 40:31.

You see, a couple of years ago this verse grabbed onto me and held me so tightly that I got it tattooed on my arm and I haven’t regretted it for one single second.  It wasn’t my first tattoo, (don’t regret my first one either) not sure if it will be my last, but I genuinely felt I needed it and there have been many instances since that moment walking into the tattoo parlor, where I have benefited from that ink on my arm.


I could write a book on the whirlwind that was going on for a few years before this final straw, but my final straw was a lump that was mysterious looking and had to be removed.  I had been through a few months of watching it with no change, back and forth to visits to the doctor and finally the surgical removal.  So, I had the day off work to return to my doctor for the resultsespecially with two children under four at home I was terrified.  You know the cancer/no cancer results. Why can’t they ever call you for that? Who wants to do that car drive seriously?! You sit around all day wanting to vomit or cry or I don’t know… Anyway, I decided I would wake up, go to the gym and then get this tattoo. I was certain that if I had cancer, God would use it for some good and I would need this verse to remind me that I could handle it and if I didn’t I would need a daily reminder that my life would have many more ups and downs and that He has me here for a reason. All those hills and valleys would serve a purpose.

I can’t describe to you how blessed I felt to walk out of that appointment with a positive report.  I text my husband and some of my close friends as I sat in the parking lot, but more importantly I was certain that I was here to do a job.  The fact that I didn’t have cancer meant that I needed to be using my health to help others and I needed to be taking it seriously.  I have been given one body and I try to take care of it the very best I can.  Since then, I have refered to my tattoo to help me not grow weary (weary :feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep) when:

  • My children are throwing fits
  • My husband is away at military training
  • I’m on mile 5 of the half marathon I thought was a good idea
  • I’m STILL running the half marathon
  • It’s the months of March or April during the home school year 😀
  • I want to give up anything
  • I find out someone I love very much has cancer and it’s not going away
  • A dear child passes away
  • I’m anxious about all the crazy things I get anxious about!
  • I’m trying to do a workout even though I”m extremely exhausted
  • I have no idea what’s for dinner and everyone is hungry
  • L-A-U-N-D-R-Y
  • I haven’t actually talked to my husband for more than 10 minutes in like a week (don’t act like that doesn’t happen in your household!)

Anything I’m telling you, I can use this verse for ANYTHING.  So, what I learned today while I was reading that the point of this verse was that it was written for comfort for exiles.  When I looked it up in my husband’s study Bible it actually said comfort; UNFAILING strength for weary exiles. I love that. Unfailing.

Whatever you are going through Jesus is there and he is unfailing, even if it’s something that is life consuming like cancer or your child throwing a fit. (Which I feel like that can be life consuming as well!) 

I’d love to hear your stories behind your tattoos! Please share in the comment section if you’re up for it 🙂

One thought on “Tattoos and scars

  1. Sahara

    I love that tattoo. I love that verse. There is a U2 song that refers to it, (Drowning Man) and when I read that, I hear Bono’s voice singing it. 🙂
    I don’t have a tattoo yet, but I finally settles on an idea for one. It would be a variation of the Celtic tree, which represents balance. This year is the 19th year after a bad car accident I had when I was 19. This was a big anniversary in my mind, and balance has been restored. Now that the anniversary has passed, I am out from under it.
    And a little birdie on it, for my daughter. 🙂
    I had a little lump scare, too. It was so surreal. Thank God all is well.


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