Reality check

Some days you get up when your alarm goes off at 4:40, you go to the gym before your home is awake, you drive back and watch the sunrise, get a shower without any children coming in to chat, get ready for the day, you sit down to read your Bible with hot coffee, or whatever book you’re reading at the time.  ( Right now I’m getting through the book “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. I HIGHLY recomend this book.  But that’s not the point of this post….) Your day begins peacefully and you feel prepared to take it on.  I always feel better when I’ve had time to get myself ready for the day.

And then there are days like today.  Days that never got a fair start to begin because they can’t begin when the night before never ended.  My little man is teething AGAIN, I swear that’s like a year long process, because it actually is a year long process.  My alarm goes off early and I vote not to rise for my early morning gym time which I’ve desperately been needing because I’ve been stuck in one of those ruts I posted about last week.  But this lady doesn’t do well without sleep.  I don’t need a ton of sleep but a few solid hours is a requirement for me.  Our day went on without that need being met and I found myself being a bit grouchy on the phone when my hubby called to check in on us. I realized my tone of voice wasn’t exactly kind that it wasn’t anyone’s fault that our baby hadn’t slept and nobody had any control over it.  We hadn’t done anything wrong for him to not be sleeping.  It wasn’t our lack of routine, we hadn’t kept him up too late, so if I wanted to have a better day it had to start with me.

Some days, taking care of yourself is pretty.  It’s an early morning run, or an evening run filled with beautiful sunsets.  It’s getting a massage or going to a spa day with friends and relaxing with a glass of wine.  It’s meeting up at a park with a group to go on a hike, it’s joining a new Crossfit class in your town and being super motivated about it. It’s trying out a new recipe and your family loves it.  But more often than not, taking care of yourself is hard, it’s making difficult decisions when you want to take a nap and do nothing all day (which I’ve done plenty in the past month with a lack of sleep!) It’s saying , nope, I’m worth more than that when nobody is watching.  Some days it looks like this, and you’re exhausted, you have a migraine and you want to quit running every single second and you feel a tad guilty that your daughters are watching tv that closely to the computer! It’s making the choice to not give up, and finding the right people to surround yourself with that will hold you accountable and not being upset when they do it because you have set goals and you know how badly you wanted them.  Don’t let anything get in your way, not even an adorable teething baby, take care of yourself mama! I’d love to hear how you make it happen!


It sure wasn’t the gym, but our homeschool room/den/treadmill area works for us!  I ended up getting in an hour of treadmill time and my baby boy got a 3 1/2 hour nap!  I don’t think my ladies would complain about their hour of time on amazon tv either.  Everyone was happy!

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