Vacay run

Most people who see me gearing up for a run on vacation would say “Jami, this is vacation, you’re supposed to be relaxing, go back to bed”. Except when you take into consideration that running is extremely relaxing and peaceful for me AND vacation is when I have my hubby available to help with the little ones. Long runs are when my brain unwinds, when I have time to truly appreciate what goes on daily during my vacation time because let’s just be honest here; as a mom of 3 little ones vacation is … well a bit  chaotic at times to say the least. When I wake up early before everyone else in a cabin on a gorgeous lake and look over at my husband, he does the motions with his hands, you, go, run.(  😘 I love this man. ) I jump at the chance to begin the day with some time to myself doing one of my favorite things and heading out on a route that I’m not even sure where it ends. Nobody can interrupt and ask mommy for a drink, a baby can’t cry, it’s just me on my run; sometimes listening to my music, maybe a podcast, maybe praying, listening to the lake, but doing what needs to be done to take care of me.

Some mornings sleep won, but others….the gorgeous Kentucky Lake and warm weather was heavenly. And the hills provided a challenge I don’t get at home unless I create them on a treadmill. I love checking out God’s creation and finding new running paths wherever I go!

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