Play in the rain

I thrive on routine.  I love a challenge, measurable goals? Sign this girl up. Creating lists and checking them off truly gives me happiness.  But….every once in awhile I crave some spontaneity.  Probably MUCH more often than I’d like to admit it.  Especially if it involves time with my husband or any kind of laughter.


So when my little lady asked yesterday if her cousins could come over to play even though I thought I would clean, pack for vacation and get a long run in on the treadmill (as it was supposed to rain all day) I thought you know what, I can do those things any other day, and honestly, I DO do those things every other day. We made the call, had my little beauties of nieces over to play and we all played in the rain for hours.  It was a blast.  We didn’t fear the clouds or the thunder, we were all just kids.  Pure fun all day.


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