My best friend is fat

At my best friend’s last doctor’s visit, her practitioner was a bit shocked. “Wow, she’s gained 25 pounds in the past year, what’s going on? We need to do some testing.”  “Are you active at all?”  The response, yea she’s active, completely active, she runs often, swims like a maniac, and I can even vouch for her on that because she is one of my favorite running partners.  She never turns me down.  No matter when I want to run, she wants to run with me.

Because of her weight gain, I haven’t been asking her to run as much.  I won’t lie to you she looks rough.  She has fatty tissue on her chest, that wraps around her front shoulder, it looks painful.  She doesn’t complain, but I can imagine it would hurt her to run.  I try to be sneaky about running, I don’t let her know I’m going, make sure she doesn’t see me on the road, and don’t dare let her hear the jingle of a dogleash.  (You thought I was a complete jerk there for a little bit didn’t ya?) The other day I thought, you know what, she wants to run with me so badly, she’s 9 years old, what the heck? I”ll take her, if we have to walk no biggie.



That dog made it 3 plus miles at a 9:30 pace no problem.  We stopped half way so she could swim in the river near our house, something I don’t take advantage of nearly as much as I should. She loves to swim and I figured hey if I’m taking her out go big or go home right? As we headed back, I felt like a complete jerk for leaving my running buddy out because of her weight gain the past few months, concerned she couldn’t do it. I know, I know that’s what you do when someone needs exercise the most, make sure they get none, bad dog owner here. Apparently a good run was just what she needed! We returned home and it was sprinkling out just enough to feel perfect after a run on a humid day so we sat outside and what does she do? Runs over in the yard and finds one of her 10 balls and brings it to me, reads to play fetch (if you have a retriever you get it) this dog wasn’t exhausted at all and was ready to take complete advantage of my attention.


Lesson learned from my dog: If your best buddy has gained 25 pounds this year and they are a dog or a person for that matter, invite them on a run, or a walk, or a bike ride, or something! It won’t do any harm! They may just want more!

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