Daddy left mommy on a country road

I taught Kindergarten for a few years and let me tell you something about your child’s Kindergarten teacher.  They know more about your personal life than your parents and best friends combined.

“My mommy and daddy got in a fight last night, mommy went to stay at grandma’s house for a few days.”

“My daddy has been in jail before. My mommy said she’s not getting him out next time.”

“My dad wants to kill our cat”

“My mommy likes wine.”

Now your first year of teaching you think you need to call DCFS daily.  You don’t, but you consider it.  Then, you begin to take every comment with a grain of salt.  Once you have your own kids you realize…oh my goodness….what in the world are they telling the adults they come in contact with on a daily basis.  “Dad, you just choked me!!!!” No, no I didn’t, I was putting your shirt over your head actually.

One of the ways I find time to run on the weekends is asking my husband to drop me off when we are headed to go camping, spending the day fishing, or traveling to a destination anywhere in the country. If you haven’t caught it from reading this blog before, I adore spending time in the country.   I have him drop me off a few miles out so I can get a run in.  I always laugh at the cars driving by watching this man with a car full of children (sometimes pulling a camper behind his pickup) “kicking” his wife out of the car to run the rest of the way.  They have to think he’s gone completely insane. Then imagining my children going to church on Sunday and letting their teacher know that daddy dropped mommy off on a country road to run to the campground while they drove the rest of the way.

I love the sound of gravel when I run…it takes me back to the sound of the cinder track when I was younger 🙂


If you’re a runner and discouraged about finding time to get a run in, keep those shoes with you wherever you go and don’t be ashamed of getting kicked out of the car, it might be the best choice you make today!  Just be prepared to back up the story your children tell their teachers!

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