Military prayer

My husband was asked to pray for the military on the National Day of Prayer which was May 5th so we worked together to write a prayer for the military.  I just thought as Memorial Day is this month it would be worth sharing.  Thank you to all the men, women and families who serve, are serving and have served in our military.  We appreciate you!  Also, we think it’s SO very important to thank our Veterans and take the time to ask them about their experiences and then be sure to listen.  They won’t be here forever.  If you don’t have anyone you can pass this prayer along to, at least take the time to say it at some point this month.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Dear God,

We want to express our gratitude for those you have called to serve our country.  Thank you for their sacrifices, perseverance and determination as they train and prepare to deploy.  Thank you for the families and friends that provide the constant support needed for a soldier to thrive.  Bless those who are here tonight.  We come to ask for your protection over our soldiers defending this great country.  We pray for those stationed in the United States and deployed overseas.  Help them to stand united under strong leadership.  Stay close to them as they complete missions and keep them focused on their goals.  Give all leaders wisdom, even when they are in dangerous situations and under intense pressure.  Keep the enemy far from them.  Be with their families when they are away.  Give them full faith in you and the patience they need to endure.  Keep marriages strong and grounded in You.  We also pray for the many Veterans in this country that have willingly served our great nation.  Give them a sense of purpose in You and help them to share their experiences and wisdom with others.  Let them never feel disrespected of forgotten.  Lastly, we want to thank you that we live in America, where we can freely serve You.  Thank you for sending Your son to die on the cross so that we can truly be free. 

In His name we pray,


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