I’m not a morning person

Instinctively, I am much more of a night owl than a morning person.  I can stay up late and enjoy cleaning in peace and I generally don’t get too tired for awhile.  The problem with that is, whenever I reach the point of extreme fatigue, it’s too late to just lie down and it takes some time to get my mind to slow down.  When we got married, my husband insisted that we go to bed at the same time, which we didn’t do much until we had children. Growing up my parents usually worked opposite shifts so I hadn’t ever really even thought about that as an option.  I love ending my day by chatting with him and getting to bed early is more practical for us with 3 little ones.  Which means….now I am a morning person. My little man tends to get up at about 4am and it works perfectly for me.  I’m loving his longer stretches of sleep and the fact that I’m feeling back to myself and have energy to get going in the morning.  Today has been one of those mornings that went perfectly.  Rising before my family sets a peaceful tone for the day.  I’m not rushing around or feeling lethargic and frantic all morning.  I truly feel like I’ve created more hours in the day.  For me, staying up late, I don’t accomplish nearly as much as I do when I rise early.  And I have a lot to do! I thought I’d share with you what the mornings look like around here.

  Mind you….at least half of the time this schedule is interrupted with any of the following options; baby crying, dog puked somewhere in the house, dog got into the garbage, I’m super tired and need more sleep, we don’t hear the early alarm, getting cleaning or schoolwork completed takes priority, I need to take care of something I forgot to do yesterday, our day necessitates an early morning Walmart run, and there are many other options trust me!

3:52a.m. I’m only writing exact time on this one because I clearly remember glancing at the clock and it being just a tad earlier than normal.  I hear my little guy crying (which is more like making random noises until someone hears him) and sneak out of bed to get him.  He and I play downstairs with his wheels, I feed him, get some dishes and laundry put away, and before I know it it’s 4:45 and my phone alarm is going off upstairs.  I feel bad about waking my husband to ask if I can head to the gym this morning because I know he’s been super exhausted this week.  But he gets out of bed and takes his turn with our little man.


I just LOVE my babies’ morning faces.  It’s my favorite time of the day, they are still a bit puffy from laying on their pillows all night. So cute!!!

4:57a.m. I head to the gym, thinking “Man I wish it opened at 4:30, when I worked at a gym, I used to have to open at 4:30, I would totally go then, I wonder if they would get enough people to go then?” See my mind wakes up busy! 🙂 I do some weights, run 3 miles and get ready to go home at about 6:00. I try to win a free coffee mug by texting a local Christian radio station, no luck. I was a little extra excited today because I finally got some new workout clothes.  I hate buying clothing post baby until I feel like I’m close to the size I want to be, so it’s been a long time since I purchased anything new.  But I am loving these new shorts and the shirt!


I just ordered this shirt from Carrie Underwood’s line, CALIA and it’s awesome.  I’ve worn it to the gym and on runs outdoors, it’s super thin and comfy and not too short!  I told my husband I want one in every color! I also got these Nike shorts which I was hesitant about b/c I have a favorite pair of Under Armour running shorts that I have worn for years but I loved the cheetah print on these.  They are great to run in, just like my other pair!  Thick headbands are best for me.  I think the tiny ones are so much cuter, but they are often so tight that I have a terrible headache after wearing them.  And of course the Brooks.  Love my running shoes.

6:10a.m. Get in the truck to head home. Hear on the radio station they are giving away a coffee mug if you text and say what you have done this morning.  I decide to wait until I get home.  When I get home I text my morning activities so far, and receive a text back that I didn’t win (should’ve texted while driving lol) but it said God bless you for waking up with your little boy.  I thought that was nice!

6:25a.m. When I return home, my husband and son are resting on the couch.  Baby asleep, Daddy almost asleep.  I quickly make some breakfast for the hubby, put little guy back into his crib and get to take a bath! Usually this is a quick shower but I felt ambitious and wanted to attempt taking a bath.  My older girls usually wake up between 6 and 7 so I wasn’t sure if I had enough time.

Indigo Wild’s Zum line is one of my favorite items to keep in my house.  Their room sprays are awesome and a friend of mine just started working at a wellness center/spa nearby and they had these bath salts.  Perfect way to get refreshed after a workout!


6:45 a.m. Just as I got out of the shower and got dressed for the day, my oldest woke up and I let her know I was working on a blog but was almost done.  By the time she came down her sister was awake and they went to check on our ducklings.  (the ducklings are for another post, ha!) By 7:00 my son is awake and they are all playing in the living room.


Blogging time. Coffee and computer at the kitchen table. I considered cleaning this off before I took the picture but thought, nah, let’s be realistic here.  We played the ninja turtle version of “Trouble” last night and it stayed there all night. Yes, there is dirt on the table from my girls watering their live resurrection garden.  I”ll clean it up when I’m done. 🙂

7:15 a.m.I thought that would be the end of my post and I would let you know what my day would entail but nope, couldn’t be that easy.  Right about where I was adding the workout clothing pic, my little man came up to me for a hug.  I stood up and held him for a minute and realized his leg was wet.  Weird, because I had changed him before I went to the gym so I knew he hadn’t peed through his diaper in that short amount of time.  Then I smelled my arm….a blowout.  ALL down his pj’s and now on my arm.  See? I told you, it’s ALWAYS something!  So took a break from the blog for a bath for the baby while I did my hair and makeup and returned. None of us are stinky and we have our new clothes on for the day. This is why it is now 7:51a.m. and I am just finishing!

We have a busy day ahead of homeschool, a trip to a museum and visiting some family members.  I’m so thankful I woke up early and got a jumpstart on my day.  I’d love to hear any tips you have for getting yourself going in the morning or manage your time throughout the day.  Have a fantastic day, poopy diapers and all!

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