Lost sheep

We were fortunate to receive a 6 week Bible study to complete with our children from their Sunday School class and I’m loving the focus on following Jesus as the shepherd. ( Can I just say that the children’s ministry team at my church is FANTASTIC!)  One of my favorite verses in the Bible is John 10:27. It gives me goose bumps to read the part that says “neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand.” That’s a pretty confident statement.

my voice.jpg

I just think it’s so profound to imagine living in this world and being able to decipher what is God’s voice. That’s a skill that needs practicing. We are being thrown messages from SO many other places.  People at work, friends, magazines, the radio, television, the internet, Facebook, blogs ;), and not many of them go along with what I think Jesus wants us to believe about ourselves or how we should live our lives.  One of the activities we have completed with this study was to blindfold the girls and see if they could follow each other’s voices in order to get to safety.  They did this pretty easily without a problem, but as I was watching them I thought about the way adults try to get through life and all the background noise that accompanies that.  Stress, physical illness, financial hardships, temptations with money, food, or anything else.

My youngest little lady is also working on the nursery rhyme “Little Bo Peep”  in homeschool.  One of her activities for the week will be creating a poster for lost sheep.  As we were working on her craft for the day, I was preparing some materials for her poster that she will be creating tomorrow and I was trying to plan some descriptive vocabulary I could give her to add to the poster to distinguish her missing sheep from one another.


Using reinforcement stickers for sheep wool

This made me start to think about how well the One who created each and every one of us would be able to create a poster for us if we were missing.  Not only could He literally add the numbers of hairs on our head and describe us using physical characteristics, He knows our hearts.  He could describe us perfectly …..

  • this sheep struggles with reading my Word
  • this sheep isn’t always completely content with what I have given them
  • this sheep doesn’t quite have their priorities straight
  • when these sheep get together, they make very bad choices
  • this sheep acts differently depending on what flock it is with
  • this sheep doesn’t even know their shepherd or care to
  • this sheep is about to leave their spouse
  • this sheep is an alcoholic
  • this sheep is looking for attention in all the wrong places from all the wrong people
  • this sheep is holding grudges

The list could go on and on.  The cool thing about it is, that He NEVER stops pursuing His sheep, no matter how far they have gone.   I can’t begin to wrap my mind around God’s grace. How frustrating is it to keep warning your child to not run on the wet floor over and over only to see them wipe out and get hurt.  We know what’s best for them if they’d only listen.  I know we don’t love thinking about our weaknesses and struggles or talking about them but as it’s the week before Easter, I encourage you to at least think about what your missing poster would look like.  Do you need to add something to your life or take some things away to make room for goals or priorities you have set?  Then, understand that regardless of what your poster says, someone is looking for you and has never stopped.  That’s pretty awesome.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Easter.  I’d love to hear any stories of how grace has impacted your life! I know I’m seriously working on learning my shepherd’s voice!

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