And the loser is….me

Football has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  One of my favorite things to do as a kid was play football in the backyard with my dad and little brother.  Jared and I would stand at one end of the yard and dad would launch this sweet Vortex football.  I remember when he threw it, we pretty much thought he was in the NFL, sometimes we would even lose the ball in the sun as we were trying to catch it only to have it hit us in the face or drop 20 feet from where we were standing.  (I’m sure it was quite entertaining to watch)

On my dad’s side of the family just about all of my cousins were boys and I loved it.  We played ninja turtles, karate, basketball and football in the front yard during holidays.  I was so proud of myself whenever I could prove the boys wrong and put my backyard football  drills to use. One year I was at my grandma’s for Thanksgiving and I looked out the big picture window at all my cousins and uncles playing football and guess where I was?  In the kitchen…helping with dishes…  Apparently I was a lady now and the boys didn’t want me to play football anymore, which honestly was devastating at the time.

My dad is a huge Vikings fan, we had Vikings baby bottles, little shirts, even a custom made Minnesota Vikings pool table, no joke.  I liked the Steelers, I’m sure much to his dismay.  I don’t know what brought me to be a Steelers fan (other than they are awesome )but I DO specifically remember the Super Bowl XXX in 1996.  The Steelers were playing the Dallas Cowboys…the team my brother and all of my boy cousins loved that year.  I saw those stinkin silver and navy stars all over the place.  So…naturally, I tried to cheer them to victory with extra enthusiasm that year.  Payback for not inviting me to play on Thanksgiving 😉

20 years later….January 17, 2016 Steelers vs. Broncos…my house.  For you to fully understand this rivalry, I need to tell you that my husband has no interest in football. He never has.  I think my dad may have told him he could date me in high school if he joined the team.  Clint was at my house early one morning and my dad was getting ready for football practice and there may have been a conversation that went something like…you wanna date Jami? Come to practice today. However, even with that lack of football in his life, my husband has decided he is Peyton Manning’s best friend.  I have nothing against Peyton Manning…I have something against husbands that turn their children into Broncos fans because of one player their dad claims is a great guy.  (Because we know Peyton Manning personally)

We had been preparing all week for this game.  My girls were asking “Mommy how many days until Big Benny is on?” (Yes we call him that because we know him personally ha!) And Clint had planned to invite a few close friends and family members over to watch.  After church, we made a pit stop much to my surprise to pick up this….


Yes, my husband had a cake made for the game.  That’s what amazing husbands do, they know how to antagonize you and be thoughtful at the same time. We picked up the cake, I got the children that were willing to be on my side dressed in their Steelers attire and of course, the dog too.




IMG_1272 (2)

If you watched the game you know what followed.  We don’t need to dwell on that 🙂  At our home we spent the day laughing, eating, cheering, booing and being cozy together. Anytime I get to hang with people I love it’s a good day, it’s a better day when my team wins, but still a good day.  Little “parties” like this are what I love about my family.  We really enjoy having fun together and it’s so easy.  Lighten up a bit, allow your home to be a mess, cheer on your favorite team, cheer against your spouses favorite team, have some friendly competition, cook with your kids, cuddle them, play football in the yard and let them be a part of it all because this is what matters.  Days that aren’t anything spectacular that you choose to invest in, because your kids will cherish playing with the Vortex football in the yard one day and watching mommy and daddy tease each other over the Broncos and Steelers.  If you’re lucky ….they’ll grow up and have a set of values and a competitive spirit that goes something like this:



Enjoy the rest of the football season!

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