It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…

Here in the Midwest we seem to be having one of the mildest winters I’ve experienced in my whopping 30 years of life and I’m loving it. I am thankful we have been able to play outside longer, I can go for a run and not return with tears running down my face from the frigid wind hitting it and I’m not completely dreading every instance I have to load my 3 littles into and out of the car.  Of course my blissful winter was destroyed this week.

To me it feels like Christmas, we are snowed in (more from the cold temps than actual snow) the hubby is working plowing the roads, which has meant single mommy week for me.  You can’t take your kids out to play and nobody wants to drive in this to come help you nor would you dare asking.  “Hello, please, come drive in the blizzard so that I can have a bath without being interrupted 20 times while a little baby splashes water all over himself and cries because I won’t let him in.” Sounds kinda silly when you say it that way.

getting some good use out of our snow gear and a good friend’s fire place

I made sure I took advantage of the week and we had some fun with it. We did school laid back this week and upstairs.  Our home is a tri-level and we use our lower level for a school room, which is a bit chilly this week so we opted to stay in cozies and do school in the kitchen.  My girls cooked, we played games, and did the kinds of things we didn’t really do over our winter break….because it was more like spring.  So, I thought I’d share some of our activities and the yummy foods we made mostly for my hubby to take to work but of course he and the girls had to taste test everything! My little ladies love surprising daddy with his favorite foods when he gets home and I do too.  I’ve always loved cooking for others, and the process has become more entertaining and meaningful as I have the opportunity to share it with my daughters.

 Before you judge me based on this picture….let it be known that we completed all of our school work this day and that the public school kids had a snow day 😀 So when my girls asked to stay in pj’s all day, I absolutely answered with a yes! My ladies love using salt/sugar/sand or anything in trays to write.  I love this activity because it’s so easily modified for whatever age you are working with.  My oldest did her spelling words while my little lady practiced her shapes.  We LOVE movement in our house, so those cards on the floor are letters and special sounds from our Abeka reading curriculum.  I spread them out on the floor, called out a letter and sound and little red had to tell me the letter and sound and her big sissy did her special sounds. Then they ran them back and dropped them in our cooler. (no cute box for this activity, we used what I had available in the kitchen, and so is life with 3 kids!) Added bonus, little man practiced his crawling and dumping everything out skills.

 I can’t describe to you how much I love cooking especially with my youngest.  She’s a busy body and doesn’t slow down for much but she loves cooking and she’s good at it! She enjoys measuring and following a recipe. This week we made potato soup, a delicious cheesecake from my stepmom and monkey bread.  She looks forward to spending this time with me and I love it! 

PS- I got the monkey bread recipe from I love her site and the story behind the monkey bread, sounds pretty wonderful!


I just had to add this picture, my husband worked 30 plus hours straight between drill and his plowing and my son is recovering from an ear infection so we both began the weekend lacking some serious sleep.  I looked over into my messy living room the other day and saw this.  I sent a text to my friend and said….”Hubby is working OT like crazy, I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and trying to run a house for 5 people and then I look into my living room and see this”  Glad everyone in our family was able to relax inside during this  wintry weather!

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