Running is for the dogs

I have been looking forward to this day all week for a number of reasons.

  • It’s our first day of Christmas break for homeschool which means all of our fun holiday traditions will be in full swing!  One of my favorites is cuddling on our big sectional to watch Christmas movies as a family.  As much as we have wanted to do this all month, my husband and I are both well acquainted with the children that attempt school work with lack of sleep…not a pretty picture.
  • I got to wake up next to my husband without him rushing off to work.  We wake up together each day but when he doesn’t have to work it’s so much more peaceful.  Usually I hurry downstairs, make his tea, pack his lunch, he showers and gets ready and off he goes.  We have been separated from each other a various number of times for military deployments or trainings so we never take waking up next to each other for granted. (Unfortunately the reason he was home is for a not so fun procedure at the dentist….keep him in your prayers!)
  • And what I have been anticipating the most….no morning workout!  I usually get up at about 5:30, help Clint get out the door on time and then start my workout.  I love starting my day this way and it points my eating habits in the right direction for sure, but when he’s home I have the option of working out any time I want!  So I was looking forward to a nice run today to get some fresh air.

Today I got up early with my kiddos and Clint slept in for a teeny bit while we made some fun Christmas pancakes.  I always sneak in bananas and flax seed because I feel terrible giving them all carbs and sugar!  When he came down the stairs I announced, “I’m going for a run today!” He informed me it was 9 degrees with the wind chill and maybe I should wait a few hours to go.  I decided that was probably a good idea.  I cleaned up from breakfast and ventured into the living room where Clint and the 3 littles were cuddling watching Tom and Jerry.  Of course little man was hungry so I thought I’ll feed him then go run.  Let me paint this picture for you a bit more….my husband and daughters are in fleece pj’s cuddling in our new warm flannel blanket. (They soak up daddy time when he’s home too) I’m in my fave winter outfit, leggings, a huge oversized sweater I found in my husband’s closet the other day that he may have worn last in high school, and some thick, warm, cozy socks.  We’re in the living room with our fireplace (the fake kind from Menards lol) going, the Christmas tree lights on and coffee next to me.  Warm sunshine is coming through my windows right to where I’m sitting on the couch nursing my little man.  So what happens next is only natural, I fell asleep cudding that little guy in fleece dinosaur pj’s.


What seemed like 5 minutes later but was more like 30, Clint said “Jame, if you wanna go run you better go now, I’ve gotta leave soon.” Ugghhhh, oh yea, I did say that was the one thing I wanted to do today.  After a bit of contemplation, I handed my sleeping baby to Clint, headed up the stairs and put on some layers.  Now I know it’s perfectly acceptable every once in awhile to spend the day on the couch warm and relaxing, but I have never gotten up to workout and regretted it.  I always feel better after a run, and when I spend the day on the couch, it generally leads to eating crap which leads to me feeling like crap. To ensure that I followed through with the run, I invited my dog who never says no.  As a matter of fact, when she sees me put my running clothes on she starts bouncing up and down like crazy.  I literally walked out the door with my doggie into the frigid, windy air and said to myself…”F this”.  But I went.  That’s the thing about working out, you have to know the result will be worth it and it was.  We only ran a couple miles but I feel great.  There isn’t an ounce of me that is wishing I was sitting on the couch all day and I know I”ll be a more energetic, present mama for my children because of it. I loved the fresh air blowing and the sun on my face while I listened to my “Fast” playlist.  It’s up for debate whether or not this playlist actually makes me fast….maybe it should be titled “Keep going” or “Don’t you dare walk”.  If you’re contemplating a run or workout today just go for it! You won’t be disappointed you did, if you really aren’t up for it, just ask your dog to come…they won’t let you forget it!


If you need a little motivation while you run, here’s my “Fast” playlist! I know some people like to run without music, but it definitely helps me focus on what I’m trying to accomplish!

Fair warning…watch for language if you’re listening to these around kiddos!

  1. Come with me now: KONGOS
  2. Ho Hey: The lumineers
  3. Lets Go: Lil Jon, Trick Daddy & Twista
  4. Tears on her pillow: Soldier Hard The Military Collection Vol. 1
  5. Calabria 2008: Timbaland
  6. Break Free: Ariana Grande
  8. Uma Thurman: Fall Out Boy
  9. Shut up and Dance: Walk the moon
  10. Thunderstruck: ACDC
  11. ‘Till I collapse:Eminem

I’d love to hear songs you think would be a good addition to this list!







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