A good woman is hard to find


I have never been the one with all the cool girlfriends. I’m honestly not really comfortable around women, especially when we are attending a new event and my social butterfly of a husband drops me with the wives and goes off to chat.   I’d much rather stay in with my kiddos.  I appreciate that men and children tend to be straight forward and they can deal with things and move on. However, it’s not that I believe strong, supportive, kind women don’t exist, I just feel that for some reason little girls grow up thinking they are of value if they have a lot of friends, which couldn’t be further from the truth.


Upon hearing this, it may seem shocking that this past Saturday I spent the afternoon with a bunch of women. Some friends and I spent the day at True Essence Tranquility pampering ourselves to mini spa treatments.  It was pretty close to heaven….this is how our day went:

  • Ride to the spa in my cousin’s husband’s new truck that we may or may not have lost a part to on the way. Chatting the whole way without any children interrupting.
  • Meet up with the other ladies for lunch.
  • Head to the spa where right when you walk in the door you remove your shoes and get rid of purses and cell phones.
  • We all were taken to a room with yummy fruits, snacks, cozy pillows and a fireplace to relax before our sessions began.
  • We are brought mimosas and cupcakes since it’s my buddy’s birthday weekend. (Can you believe they had my FAVE red velvet AND it was gluten free???? Seriously…heaven)
  • Finally, the ladies came to get us and we rotated between hot stone facials, massages and reiki treatments.

The time at the spa was amazing in and of itself, the women that worked there joked that we walked in loud and giggly and they watched each one of us quiet down and relax, but my favorite part of the day was who I spent it with. I left feeling energized and hopeful and blessed by the mere presence of these women in my life.  Some are greatly infused in my life, others I might only see a few times a year, but I thought it was important to share what they all bring into my life.  Just in case you are the woman who is sitting at home now thinking about the holiday party you have to attend with your husband and his co-workers and you just dread meeting new people.  You never know who God will bring into your life.  He has a funny way of doing that right when you need it.


  1. Miss J: I can’t say enough about this woman. You know how you have that one person in your life who knows everything? She’s known me since we were infants and we have went through A LOT together. Family vacations lying on pontoon boats looking at the stars, many long nights of super Mario, jammin’ out to Bon Jovi, partying with me in college, being a part of eachothers’ weddings, having babies, and now attending spa days. We spend hours on the phone during tornadoes because it never fails that both of our husbands are at military training when the sirens go off! We just don’t do life without each other. She’s that friend that you can look across the room and all of a sudden you can’t contain your giggles. She’s a sister to me, so spending the day with her was a great addition to our list of memories together.
  2. Miss T: If people have soulmates other than their spouses than this is mine. I met her in one of those situations I wasn’t quite comfortable in. My husband had left my aunt’s house to chat a few houses over and I’m pretty sure I trudged down the road after him because I was ready to leave with my 2 little ladies. She and I just hit it off and we were family. This woman is my absolute encourager in any situation, motherhood, marriage, running, eating well, with no hesitation. I need her, she’s there. I think making a friend when you know what you stand for is pretty meaningful. As an adult, hopefully you do some careful consideration before someone becomes a part of your life. You aren’t just being someone’s friend so you can go to their sleepover with the cool kids. She’s my shoulder to cry on and practical head when I need it. I’m not sure a blessing is even a strong enough word to describe her presence in my life.
  3. Miss S: This woman came into my life again as a stranger at a party of another friend. She is one of the most generous, family oriented people I know. She’s always up for a good time and will do anything for you. A couple years ago, my husband and I had 2 foster girls living with us and without hesitation she helped me out many times and came over to watch them while I went to work. She was my saving grace and didn’t think twice about it.
  4. Miss JH: Same story as Miss S, this lady and I don’t see each other often. I knew of her children before I met her because they attended the school I worked at. (I knew them from their reputation of having good behavior, fyi) She is the cool mom. She always looks put together and is hilarious. I am so fond of her heart for animals and Disney. Somehow she’s managed to be gentle and strong at the same time. I especially appreciate her advice and tips on nursing. She has mentioned several times that I can call her any time with questions and although I haven’t had the opportunity to take her up on it, I know she would be happy to help!

I know this post may seem sappy, but taking the time to appreciate the positive women in your life is important. They don’t have to be your best friend, you don’t have to be on the phone for hours a day, but we should support and encourage each other.  All of these women are just being themselves and don’t even realize they are such a blessing to me.  You can be that to others.  Take the time to invest in friendships even if you aren’t that comfortable.  I left that spa day feeling so rejuvenated.  I don’t know if it was the day without kids, the laughing about our crazy husbands, the hot stone facial or the mimosas, but I think it may have to do with the fact that I spent the day with four completely different, smart, beautiful, strong women who value being a wife and mommy and taking a break, even if it’s at spa day once a year.



One thought on “A good woman is hard to find

  1. Tricia

    This day is one of my favorite days of the year. I love spending this peaceful time with my sisters……I love the energy in the room when we are all together….I’m truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women.


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