Out for a ride

For some reason God has gifted us with fall like weather here in mid December and my family is absolutely taking advantage of it.  One aspect of being a stay at home mom that I really enjoy is the opportunity to play outside with my kids without it seeming like a job after a long day of work.  Today we went out for a bike ride/stroller jog and I just love the conversations I get to have with my girls during this time.  The fresh air was so crisp and the sun was just peeking through enough to keep us warm. Just typing this puts a smile on my face thinking about it.

Bundling little man up and taking off!

My 4 year old is infamous for becoming tired on bike rides.  When you start out she pedals like crazy, then before you know it, done.  She drops her bike and decides her leg is broken, her ankle is sprained or something has happened so she cannot go on.  If you are in my neighborhood and see a little pink and purple bike with training wheels ditched on the side of the road, please leave it.  I refuse to carry it for her, if you wait a few minutes you’ll see a 4 year old trudging back to get it.  No worries, she’s not dying even if she looks like it!

And here we are.  Not even 2 minutes into our ride and we have an injury.  The short sock and leggings has made just enough skin show that it touched the pedal.  Of course her mother hen big sister swoops in to save the day.  She took off her shoe, fixed her sock and we were off again.


I was a bit hesitant when we moved into town after living in the country.  I love the country.  I love the stillness of it, the peacefulness, the sunsets, the starry nights, but I have to say riding bikes with little ones can be pretty tricky out there.  When we moved to our new neighborhood that was something my husband and I both commented on often.  We loved seeing people out walking and riding bikes and that our kids were safe.  The cool thing about it is, we still are pretty close to the country, so we can go a bit off the path and explore.

There’s a house down the street from us that has a locust tree and my girls love collecting the pods.  Today Maia noticed that you could shake them and they were dried out enough to sound like a maraca.  Then Kealy found this small branch from an evergreen near our home and informed me that the Indians used to use these to make their skirts when they dance.  (I’m pretty sure she’s talking about hula skirts in Hawaii, but who knows!)

My favorite part of this afternoon was when my sweet daughter Maia looked at me and said “Mom, when we do this together it just fills my heart with joy.”  That made me stop for a minute, my mere existence being present with my children gives them joy.  Not just a teeny bit, it fills their hearts.  I hadn’t done my hair, no makeup, there weren’t extravagant plans that went into our ride, we simply enjoyed the day together.  It’s so precious to me that we have endless opportunities each day to bring our children joy and to teach them that they aren’t a task but a blessing in our lives.

And finally, the best part of bike rides and stroller jogs….


Everyone in our family feels better after some exercise and fresh air!  Hopefully you are able to enjoy this surprisingly warm weather with your family.  Try your best to be present in every moment 😉

I apologize that these pictures all have dates on them (and the incorrect ones!) We are busy around this house now so no time for editing them!

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