Thank you

The military is a pretty big part of my life and has been for over 10 years now. I have a box of letters my husband wrote me while he was in basic training and AIT back before cell phones were readily available.  I would run down each day from my dorm room at NIU and check that teeny tiny mailbox with my key for a letter.  I remember one time he got leave for the weekend and I drove alone 16 hours straight to South Carolina just to see him for 24 hours.

002 army christmas

We have absolutely learned how valuable time together is and to not take that for granted. During our first 3 years of dating he was gone for about 2 of them, between basic, AIT and a deployment.  The military changed us both forever, we became stronger, more patient, appreciative, learned we needed to depend on God and that He was faithful, and decided we weren’t going to let go of what we had together.  Needless to say, Veterans Day is a big deal to me.  There are men in my family who have served in the military and now of course countless friends.  So if you have served…

-Thank you for giving up time with your family and friends in order to protect mine.

-Thank you for all the effort you put into training so that you are ready at a moment’s notice.

-Thank you for working as a team, supporting one another.

-Thank you for your focus during a mission.

-Thank you for those who have given their lives for our freedom in this amazing country.

-Thank you to all the families who keep it together for their soldiers, children, families…

-Thank you for being men and women that have values my children can look up to.

-Thank you for the respect you seem to have for anyone you encounter.

-Thank you for wearing that uniform with pride.

-Thank you, that because of all you do, I’m able to play outside with my children with no fear. I’m convinced we are incredibly spoiled in this country. I realize this is the only life I’ve known but I can’t imagine it any other way, and I thank you for that. 

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