Fall fun

One of my favorite things to do as a public school teacher was to celebrate holidays with my students.  I loved seeing their faces light up as we held a Thanksgiving Feast, had Veterans into the classroom and of course carved pumpkins.  Fall is full of holidays that are so much fun and important for children.  So of course we had to have some fun with homeschool.  We called over some of our fave ladies and had a blast!

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We started with a fun experiment using food coloring, baking soda and vinegar.  My little Kealy and I had pre-made the bags (excellent time for her to practice her shape recognition) so that we could just add the ingredients when the ladies came over.  At first the bags weren’t too exciting as we threw them in the yard, but as soon as we added more baking soda and vinegar one popped when we were least expecting it and I know the girls loved watching their mommies be as surprised as they were!

Next, pumpkin carving time! I really wanted to be sure that my Maia got some science and math activities out of this as well, so we weighed the pumpkin, measured it and discussed it a lot the next day.  I always love watching little ones’ faces when they dig into a pumpkin! We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing Halloween costumes, roasting pumpkin seeds, cuddling and laughing. It was one of those days that I knew was filled with great memories.

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Saturday morning we woke up and made some yummy jack-o-lantern pancakes.  My girls love anytime they get to use food coloring to see something change so that alone was exciting. Anytime I’m cooking my little Kealy isn’t far from me, which I love.  Cooking is something I’ve really grown fond of and I enjoy the conversations that develop when you are cooking together.  Plus, it’s awesome to work together towards a common goal and to see (and taste!) the finished product.  We made a yummy frosting with heavy whipping cream and orange zest but of course the little ladies weren’t patient enough to let it thicken which is why our jack-o-lantern’s stripes are a little runny 😉

We spent the rest of the day cleaning and decorating for our yearly Halloween get together with family.  The girls really enjoyed doing make-up as I don’t normally let them wear it so they wanted to go all out! Miss Kealy did hers almost all on her own! Pretty much what followed for the next 8 hours was candy, laughing, candy, face painting again, candy, candy, candy…..

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