Why do you homeschool?

I have had many friends and family members ask me why I homeschool and how it looks so here’s a bit about our life as homeschoolers!

Over the summer, I became aware of an opportunity  to apply for a job during the 2015-2016 school year. This was one of those that was a perfect fit for me, I have all the requirements for it and I had heard many great things about the school.  I knew I would enjoy being back with students again but wasn’t sure if that justified leaving my own.  This was especially difficult to imagine after all the growth I had seen from homeschooling; socially, emotionally, physically and as a family unit.  I’m excellent at seeing situations from different perspectives, which for me means I can be horribly indecisive.  I can find positives on both sides of just about anything.  I contemplated this for months and I had some strong arguments for going back to work, but I felt pulled to be home with my kiddos.  So, I set the timer on my phone for one minute and wrote down everything that came to my mind about homeschooling and why this was a better choice for my family.

1-So my children can learn about God.

2-So I can raise my kids.

3-So they can learn according to their own personalities.

4-No mean girls

5-So they believe they are beautiful as long as possible without doubting themselves.

6-So I can teach/show them what a good mother and wife looks like.

7-I want them to spend time eating with me to develop healthy eating habits and exercise.

8-We are all less stressed and happier.

9-I can teach them how to handle conflict.

Now, am I saying no child should attend public school? No way. I enjoyed my time as a public school teacher, and you can only decide that for your unique family situation.  I realize my children will experience others who aren’t kind.  I do not believe however, that this is what they go to school for.   Also, I realize many of the items on this list are active elements of the public schools system, teachers differentiate instruction for learning styles, there are excellent PE curriculums, and conflict resolution is a huge part of the public school day!  But this is what works for us, and I just love this list because I didn’t have time to think while writing it.  Sometimes that’s better for me 😉

Here are some pics from our 2014-2015 school year.  Kealy did 3 year old preschool and Maia was in Kindergarten.





I’ve attached my routine: Daily routine homeschool if you are interested in seeing what we do each day.  In addition to school, we participate in church events, dance class, gymnastics class, and art lessons during the school year.  We work together for subjects like Bible, Calendar Binders and Handwriting but other than that the girls have separate jobs.  For example, I’ll get Maia started on math and then will begin manipulative work with Kealy.  We definitely have a busy day but what school doesn’t? 🙂  Please feel free to ask questions if you have them!

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